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How much does it cost?
EverLib accounts are free.
Why should I buy a book here as opposed to a place like Amazon?
EverLib books are constantly updated by the authors. If you buy a book, your book will always be updated when the author updates.
If I purchase a book, can an author delete it or update it to delete all the content?
Unless an EverLib book is found to be in violation of the terms & conditions or code of conduct, it will remain in your collection. You will have access to all updates of a book, so if the content of a book changes, you will always be able to view the previous versions.
Can I get a refund if I don't like a book?
We do not provide refunds for books that you don't like. We recommend to read the reviews and the author bio before purchasing a book. If you don't like a book, please provide a detailed review about what you think was wrong with it. This gives the author a chance to make proper updates, and let's the rest of the community know what your feedback is. Refunds will only be provided in some cases if a book is removed from EverLib.